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620 LOFT & GARDEN WEDDING Weddings There are few venues with views comparable to the one 620 Loft & Garden at the Rockefeller Center presents. It's definitely one of my favorite venues to shoot at. But as great as the venue is, it just wouldn't be the same being there for any other event. It's the meaning and story of two wonderful people, like Maggie & Karl, coming together that really brings out the magic of 620 Loft and Garden. READ MORE ST. CASIMIR & BASKING RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING Weddings My blog posts are usually not as large as this one, but there were just too many beautiful photos from this wonderful couple's wedding. That's what you get when you start with the wonderful couple, add in a lovely bridal party, the beautiful St. Casimir's RC Church, and the perfect Spring bloom to match! READ MORE THE HERITAGE CLUB AT BETHPAGE SANGEET Weddings Monica & Rishi's story is near and dear to my heart, not only because they're truly warm and wonderful people that remind me of how blessed I am to do what I do, but also because I had the honor of photographing the moment they chose to be together for the rest of their lives.  READ MORE KOREAN UNITED CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA WEDDING Weddings John and Elisa are one of those couples who makes you want to go an extra mile just for being so warm and wonderful. Even from my first meeting with John, the conversation felt more like meeting an old friend rather than a new client.  READ MORE HAROLD PRATT HOUSE WEDDING Weddings One of the things I love most about shooting weddings is meeting amazing people. Alexis and Taylor are the kind of couple who you instantly open up to and then just adore with each passing hour. Which makes sense, as their wedding was literally packed with guests who truly loved them. READ MORE ACE HOTEL NEW YORK ELOPEMENT Elopements Sarah and Andrew's elopement will always hold a special place in my heart. It's the elopement that changed the way I view intimate weddings.  READ MORE HISTORIC MANSION IN IRVINGTON WEDDING Weddings It's hard to find a bride that has a very specific vision for her wedding while not letting herself become too serious or forceful. Jenny is one of those special people. That's probably why she's now working on becoming a wedding planner (and a darn good one, too!) READ MORE JERICHO TERRACE WEDDING Weddings What can I say about Sahera and Charlie? They're one cool couple. Sahera is an amazing DJ (google DJ Lady S) and Charlie is a business genius who's also one of the nicest guys I've met. Seriously. READ MORE LAURITA WINERY WEDDING Weddings From my first meeting with Mia and Stewart, they felt like old friends and we chatted for a while about everything from traveling to quirky photos, and of course, wedding photography. READ MORE WESTIN MOUNT LAUREL WEDDING Weddings Indian weddings are some of the most celebratory weddings that are full of colors, texture, and dancing. That's why I absolutely love photographing them! READ MORE