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CONSERVATORY GARDEN ELOPEMENT Elopements From my first video call with Jane, I knew their elopement was going to be special. It's not because of all of the wonderful plans and the gorgeous location they chose. It's because you can just tell when someone's simply excited to marry the person they truly love. And those are the kinds of weddings that I absolutely love being a part of. READ MORE CITY HALL ELOPEMENT Elopements I get to meet many beautiful couples throughout the year. But Laurie & Ricky are extra special, and I think it's their absolute tenderness towards each other. Every time I see the featured image, it reminds me what it's like to be truly, deeply in love with someone. READ MORE COP COT, CENTRAL PARK WEDDING Weddings Samantha and CJ came to New York with their entire wedding party from out of state. That's when you know you already have a special wedding in the works. READ MORE CENTRAL PARK ELOPEMENT Elopements Shooting elopements in NYC really opens up the world to me without the need to travel. Take for example Kasia and Ben, who found me all the way from the U.K. Having gotten married at City Hall in New York City right beforehand, they arrived in Central Park as newlyweds for their one hour portrait session, which turned out beautifully thanks to their photogenic personalities.  READ MORE LADIES PAVILION ELOPEMENT Elopements The U.K. must be full of amazing couples. Tyne and James are another couple who came all the way from the United Kingdom to tie the knot in New York City. They came with their family members to celebrate an intimate and emotional wedding at the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park. READ MORE