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CENTRAL PARK PROPOSAL As a wedding photographer in this beautiful city of New York, I get to meet a wonderfully diverse group of couples from many different places in this world. Once in a while, I have couples book a "photo session" during their visit, which is actually a surprise proposal. It's the perfect surprise, since having a photo shoot while in NYC is totally an awesome idea, and the proposee is already expecting a photographer. VIEW STORY 620 LOFT & GARDEN WEDDING There are few venues with views comparable to the one 620 Loft & Garden at the Rockefeller Center presents. It's definitely one of my favorite venues to shoot at. But as great as the venue is, it just wouldn't be the same being there for any other event. It's the meaning and story of two wonderful people, like Maggie & Karl, coming together that really brings out the magic of 620 Loft and Garden. VIEW STORY NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN WEDDING Although it's every couple's dream to have a perfect wedding, it's actually quite rare to see everything come together perfectly – especially the weather and schedule. Linjia & Peter's wedding at the New York Botanical Garden - Stone Mill was one of those rare prefect weddings. VIEW STORY CONSERVATORY GARDEN ELOPEMENT From my first video call with Jane, I knew their elopement was going to be special. It's not because of all of the wonderful plans and the gorgeous location they chose. It's because you can just tell when someone's simply excited to marry the person they truly love. And those are the kinds of weddings that I absolutely love being a part of. VIEW STORY BROOKLYN ANNIVERSARY SESSION Ansley & Evan found me all the way from Georgia for a one-hour portrait session in DUMBO, Brooklyn during their visit to NYC. They're a super hip couple that fit right into the whole Brooklyn vibe.  VIEW STORY THE ROCKLEIGH WEDDING Jenni & Joe are a super special couple to me. To start with, they're simply wonderful people. I know you may think I'm just saying that because they're my clients and they'll probably see this post, but I'm not. I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me after watching their wedding highlight film below. Another reason they're so special to me is because they're my first clients as a wedding videographer. VIEW STORY CITY HALL ELOPEMENT I get to meet many beautiful couples throughout the year. But Laurie & Ricky are extra special, and I think it's their absolute tenderness towards each other. Every time I see the featured image, it reminds me what it's like to be truly, deeply in love with someone. VIEW STORY ST. CASIMIR & BASKING RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB WEDDING My blog posts are usually not as large as this one, but there were just too many beautiful photos from this wonderful couple's wedding. That's what you get when you start with the wonderful couple, add in a lovely bridal party, the beautiful St. Casimir's RC Church, and the perfect Spring bloom to match! VIEW STORY THE HERITAGE CLUB AT BETHPAGE SANGEET Monica & Rishi's story is near and dear to my heart, not only because they're truly warm and wonderful people that remind me of how blessed I am to do what I do, but also because I had the honor of photographing the moment they chose to be together for the rest of their lives.  VIEW STORY KOREAN UNITED CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA WEDDING John and Elisa are one of those couples who makes you want to go an extra mile just for being so warm and wonderful. Even from my first meeting with John, the conversation felt more like meeting an old friend rather than a new client.  VIEW STORY