How experienced are you?

Having been shooting weddings since 2012, I've shot hundreds of weddings of all sizes and styles.

How would you describe your style?

I get this question pretty often. Quite so, in fact, that I've created a dedicated page on my approach and shooting style for weddings. You can see it in the Philosophy and Style page.

What's your background in photography?

Head over to my About page to find out more about me and how I got into photography.

What cultural weddings are you experienced in shooting?

My team and I have shot many cultural weddings, including Jewish, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Irish, and more! We love all things cultural and take pride in being able to capture the intricate, uniquely beautiful traditions of all our clients’ cultures.

What cameras do you use?

I get this question a lot, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s on a “What to Ask Your Wedding Photographer During Consultations” list somewhere online. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter what a photographer uses as long as they use professional grade equipment and the resulting images fit your style.

That said, weddings are one-in-a-lifetime events that are invaluable and irreplaceable. That’s why my team and I personally use Canon and Sony professional tier full frame cameras with dual memory card slots which create two copies of every image instantly. We also make sure to show up to every wedding prepared with backups for all of our equipment.

All of my wedding collections include two photographers. That’s because, in addition to helping to get images of an event from multiple angles, second photographers are there as backup in case something were to happen to me during or right before your wedding (we've seen this happen).

Are you able to photograph in dark environments?

Absolutely. Having began in commercial and studio photography, I'm comfortable with using flashes as much as natural light.

In fact, I sometimes enjoy photographing in dark situations more than bright ones. That's because a dark environment allows me to paint with light using flash to capture only the details I want to show.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I can provide your venue with a certificate, if required.

Do you have backups?

Always. My team and I always shoot with at least two cameras that both have dual card slots, so every time we snap a photo, it gets saved to two separate memory cards in case one fails (which does happen).

Once your wedding is finished, I save all of your images to at least two separate hard drives, as well as in the cloud.

The equipment we use make sure that we can create the visual esthetic that defines my style and that you won't lose a single image due to equipment malfunction.

How long will it take for us to get our photos?

For engagement sessions, you’ll get your photos within four weeks. For weddings, within six.

Our wedding is far away, but we love your work! How far do you travel?

I love traveling. I love weddings. I'll travel anywhere to shoot a wedding :)

I'm available to shoot weddings world wide, so no matter where you’re saying your vows, I can be there to capture it.

We'd love to book you! What should we do now?

So glad I'm your type :) We’re going to create some amazing images together!

Simply fill out the form on my Contact page, and I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Why don't you show your pricing online?

I don't show pricing online because I don't want to become a number to you. I want you to fall in love with my work and contact me excited to have your story documented through my creative vision.

That said, I understand that each couple has a budget. My photography packages start at $3,000.

We love your work, but we can't afford you...

Technically that’s not a question. If you truly love my work but can’t afford my packages, send me an intro and tell me your story via the Contact form!


"The photos have a photojournalistic feel and the quality is outstanding. They captured the joy, emotion and excitement of the day without feeling at all generic... Our biggest challenge has been picking our favorites to share with family and friends, because we love them all!"

Elena M.


“Hanel is everything you want in a photographer. He is talented, artistic, professional, and his work is simply stunning. I still get compliments to this day from guests or anyone who has seen my photos on what an excellent job he did. My wedding photos are so beautiful and elegant, they are better than I ever imagined they could be! ”

Samantha M.


"Hanel has an eye for weddings that is few and far between. He is constantly ideating and thinking of different poses, and does a great job not only executing but making those participating feel comfortable. We were blown away by the final product, which was an album consisting of both candid and staged moments that perfectly captured our wedding. Looking back, hiring Hanel was one of the best decisions we made going into our wedding. We cannot recommend him enough – he is beyond talented and would not be surprised if he starts to book up seasons in advance. Thank you Hanel and team!"

Ryan & Jenna
Megha P.


“Wow. Dude, excuse my profanity, but great f*&#ing working! I’m at work with huge smile, can’t wait to see the total set!”

Ernesto M.


“Such an incredible photoshoot we had with Hanel. He provided a first class service with his care about the details and how he made us feel very relaxed and natural. I feel blessed that we found him and were so lucky he was available cannot rate Hanel any higher, you stole my heart with your amazing shots.”

Hasna A.


“I didn’t realize how much [the photos] would mean to me until I actually saw them. As the bride, I probably saw my own wedding the least among everyone that was there. Your photos captured so many things I didn’t get to see and experience. And that’s so precious to me.”

Lin D.



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